Unpotting Passion Thanks to a Gerber Daisy

Premise #1: I bought myself a set of three potted Gerber daisies from Costco for my birthday and have them out on my apartment balcony.

Premise #2: I work from home. As much as I try to make my work area thought-friendly and inspiring, it can be rough.

I brought one of the pots inside to keep me company and by the afternoon the flowers were all drooping, even though the other two were happy as clams out on the porch. So, I returned the sad flowers to the porch in a patch of sun and a couple hours later they were perky again.Gerber-Daisy-Potted-Plant

Conclusion: Ironically, it took a cheap potted flower to see what happens when I stick myself to my desk and refuse to do anything beyond pass the clock. Thanks to E-How’s “How to Make Gerber Daisies Bloom More” I itemize how to be better at taking care of my passion.

Gerber daisies will wilt or produce less if they have to compete for soil, nutrients or water even a little. Make sure your Gerber daisies have plenty of room, and they will reward you with multiple blooms.

Sadly, I struggle with competition. It fuels some people, but I’m a defeatist. I need to remember that I do have room, and currently no competition other than myself. So what do I have holding me back? Me.

Fertilize your Gerber daisies.

Easy. I love easy entertainment as much as the next girl, but thoughtful articles and TED talks keep me growing. I need to spend my free time ingesting those.

Dead-head your Gerber daisies carefully.

I guess the most important take-away lesson for me is to remember to dead-head. (If don’t know what that means horticultural-ly, it is the process of cutting off dead flowers.) Remove the baggage holding me back so I have room for what I want to create.

Make sure your Gerber daisies are getting enough sunlight.

Take breaks, but more importantly: Find the sun from your desk. It’s there, you just have to see it.

Regular misting can help a Gerber daisy really thrive.

This one I thought was really cool. Spray the plant, don’t just water it. As a lover of all things water, and a very intense self-critic, this is an easy connection: Have fun. Give myself credit and enjoy my hard work.


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