High Fashion: Zuhair Murad Fall 2013 Couture

I absolutely loved this collection. I think it’s probably fair to say Zuhair Murad’s ability to produce high-end dresses is epic; he’s dressed some of the most well-known people for monumental events (Princess Ameera al-Taweel of Saudi Arabia wore his dress to the Royal Wedding and multiple women have worn his work to awards shows and talent competitions.)

He began and ended his show with two neutral gowns that were conservatively cut but strategically sheered and sparkled. They are gorgeous, and add a new dimension to sexual/sensual wear. I think more women, especially my fellow 20-somethings who are struggling with the transition from college-party-youth to professional-womanhood, can benefit from realizing skanky ≠ sexy.

zuhair-murad-f13-nudezuhair-murad-f13-nude-2The collection included a variation of the conservative-shaped gown that I found creative. He grounded the look with the fitted form, then added layers of opaque fabric that created an ethereal quality, creating something worthy of a fairytale but  very real-life, meaning I don’t have to be playing dress-up with my kid cousins to put it on.



This branch-like design was throughout the collection. I think it’s edgy without taking away from the classiness of the pieces. I really liked it on the jumpsuit. It reminded me of the Balmain jumpsuit Miley Cyrus wore to the 2013 music awards: funky but just right.


The reason the Balmain jumpsuit was a hit was thanks to its nod to art deco, which this Zuhair Murad collection also nailed. If I were a Jordan Baker or Daisy Buchanan, I would have multiple of these gowns. They’re full of pizazz and subtle designs which are intriguing to watch as a seemingly contradictory pair.

zuhair-murad-f13-deco Check out the back on this one. My mouth literally dropped open when I spotted it in the background of a different piece. I’m a sucker for open-backed dresses.zuhair-murad-f13-deco-back


Lastly, the Fall 2013 Couture Zuhair Murad collection rounded out with some knee-length pieces. All were splendidly done. I’m sorry, I’m just obsessed with this line. I’ll leave it at that.


As soon as he opens a shop in America (or next time I’m in France, fingers crossed) I’ll be there. Watch-out shop girls, I’m in love.

Check out the entire collection at Style.com.

Thanks to them for fueling this passion.


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