High Fashion: Alexandre Vauthier Fall 2013 Couture

This show was a hit and miss for me. I loved some of the aspects while others left me flat, but I was pleasantly surprised by some unexpected details. This is one show that would have benefited from multiple pictures of each outfit: front, back, sans-jacket, details.

Some of my loves

I love the harem-cut pant (probably mostly because my body-type prevents me from wearing it) and this show pulled that gathered look into both pant and skirt and I loved it.


I love fur, so points for starting out with some fur.

alexandre-vauthier-f13-couture-skirt alexandre-vauthier-f13-couture-pant2

These pants are perfection, mostly because I could actually wear this kind of harem-like pant but also because they are so chic. These could, and should, be worn everywhere. I want them.

I started to type that this collection was mostly achromatic, but that is a gross generalization that offends the delicacy of this collection’s color palette. (If that sounds dramatic, it’s because I know better than to discount the depth and variations provided by Blue, my favorite color.) Let me get to my point: The collection has a mellow hue, except for the soles of the shoes: Bright red. Love.

Remember how I said I wished each piece had more than one picture? The sheer backing, and bold geometric patterns at the hipline (my love of art deco continues) were covered by the jacket, which is how the image shows the model.


Here again: I wasn’t expecting the back on this one and I love it. Especially the gold diagonal.


Things I didn’t like

I don’t like the full-sheer here I think it loses its couture feel. If this were a swimming suit with cover-up, I’d love it, but it was a miss for me because it felt out of place in this line.


I don’t like the ruching, I feel like it takes away from the form and makes the fabric look clingy. Also, I wasn’t a huge fan of the cups throughout the show, and these are a good example. Are they supposed to be asymmetrical? Probably not, but either way I’ll pass.


So in summary, I think it was a good collection. Not my favorite, but definitely had some solid pieces (Seriously, can I have those pants?).

Full collection here.


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