Resort 2014: Phillip Lim

I’m having a hard time putting the overall feeling of this line into words: vacation/relaxation chic? That’s probably the closest. The cuts are a mix of relaxed and structured while the fabrics are strategically interspersed by detail, color and design to give it a contrasting rich/relaxed feel.

And yet, because I can’t seem to find a thread to guide my thoughts, I’m just going to spitball opinions. (Side note: I’ve decided the term “spitball” should originate from SuperMario, not baseball.)

I’m a big believer that neutral, relaxed fits are vacation clothes so these black and white plus sea green is perfect. These say, “Don’t worry, I’m just stopping for some shopping before getting back on my yacht.”


This one falls in the above category but I wanted to note that boots continue to be a staple for all outfits. White motorcycle boots are now on my “Coveting” list.


 While boots are always a win, one thing I struggle with are shorts. Short shorts (read: mid-thigh and above) are easy for me because they just sit well and are comfortable. But sometimes I don’t want to show that much leg and I’m not in the mood for a skirt. Struggles. Therefore I think these pieces are genius: shorter shorts, lengthened by sheer cloth. I love them.

 I love this entire outfit. The fit of the jacket balances the shorts so well and the details are to die for.



 Let’s talk dresses: This collection had a good mix of lengths and styles. I’m including these two because the first is a good example of the big sleeves that are in this collection and the mix of fabrics (neutrals and metallics). The second shows the sleeveless cut with the deep-v detailing, there are a couple pieces with the same cut. I like it.


Phillip_Lim_017_1366.450x675 Here’s where the fun mixes comes into play: The first half are pieces that are structurally linear, the second half plays with linear patterns.


I don’t know what it is about this one, but I love the mix of the shorter baby blue coat with the red top. It almost feels like a clash of East and West (Mao Zedong versus Napoleon) or antique and space-age.


I bought a jacket a lot like this from a Goodwill in high school and I loved it. Metallic-green color blocking on a motorcycle styled jacket, I’ve missed that jacket randomly throughout the years since I got rid of it, but seeing this jacket makes me really regret not keeping it.


The pattern on these pants remind me of a modern mariachi pant, which I think pairs with the tuxedo jacket really well.

Phillip_Lim_038_1366.450x675I think this is my favorite outfit, I would wear this everywhere. Any idea what the texture of the jacket is?


There are definitely things I want from this collection (jackets and those shorts) but  I’m not obsessed with this collection. I think the reason is I wasn’t pulled through the collection like some shows do and I missed the story.



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