MTV’s Video Music Awards 2013

I like red carpet events like the VMAs because you get to see fun twists on red-carpet fashion. There’s a level of relaxation that allows people to really be themselves, for good or bad.

For example: Katy Perry and Richard Simmons. Is this not the greatest thing ever? Even though I wasn’t in love with her dress, I thought it worked for her. And Richard is fabulous. Always.

Richard-Simmons-and-Katy-Perry-attend-the-2013-MTV-Video-Music-Awards-2222746I’m just going to say it and get it over with: Miley Cyrus needs to stop. Especially that tongue thing. Was her performance enough proof it’s time to have a child-star-growing-up intervention?

Moving on to more beautiful and worth-while things.

I would like to take a moment to publicly declare my obsession with Ellie Goulding. Only she could rock a studded dress so flawlessly. I genuinely think she’s never looked better.


Can we be best friends?


MTV’s Video Music Awards 2013: The Gentlemen

I don’t know if it’s the perfectly matching suits, the secret-agent space helmets or the sparkly shoes, but Daft Punk made me swoon. Yes, seriously. I want to have this picture blown up and framed.

2013-vma-daft-punkAlso, I am obsessed with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis; they should always be together in pictures, I love their faces. I think it’s because they both look polished yet they are so strongly tied to the roots that made them famous. Keep it up, men.

2013-vma-macklemore-ryan-lewisI wish Macklemore’s fiance was on the red carpet. I think she’s simply adorable.

I’m surprised how much I like 2 Chainz outfit. I think it’s because the pants reminded me of these Cavalli pants I’ve been obsessed with for far too long, but it was a win for me.

2013-vma-2-chainzAnd then that one time Justin Timberlake made me pee my pants. Thank you, JT, for being amazing.

MTV’s Video Music Awards 2013: The Ladies

I’m a fan of black gowns at red-carpet events and I wasn’t disappointed. Jennifer Hudson’s leather and hounds-tooth dress was stellar. It’s also one of the best appearances of a choker.

2013-vma-jennifer-hudsonLady Gaga’s dress was surprisingly demure but I thought it was flattering, though slightly Morticia Addams-esque. It does makes me want to start doing giant kimono-style bows around my dresses.

173533133AP00041_2013_MTV_VOkay, Naya Rivera’s dress was boring. She looked great, but it was so one-dimensional. She needed a clutch or earrings or a better lipstick or something. Whatever, I’m bored again.

173533186KR00239_2013_MTV_VHere’s how you keep a simple outfit from being boring (take notes, Naya). Allison Williams looked like a dream in white. Her makeup was fresh and dynamic, the details (earrings, the textured sheer, the details on her cuffs) add depth and her hair is polished and out of the way. It’s all glorious and fun to look at.

173533186KR00224_2013_MTV_VI wish I could do the short-dress trend, but it just isn’t meant to be for me.

Remember that Alexandre Vauthier dress I liked but thought was a misfit in the 2013 couture collection? Well, Erin Wasson rocked that bitch. It was flawless, from the braid and turban (I wasn’t sold on the turban trend before this) to the minimal makeup and the strappy heels; I feel like she stopped by the VMAs on her way to the runway.

Erin-Wasson-attends-the-2013-MTV-Video-Music-Awards-2222743Strategically worn sheer dresses are almost a requirement at award shows. Sadly, that means we are forced to see dresses like Ciara’s. Seriously, that thing is heinous.

164960831JN00040_2013_MTV_VThe shape of the detailing, the frills and the messy hair make this more like a skeleton mummy Halloween costume. And the detailing that extends down the fingers? Let’s leave gaudy gloves to Beyonce. Bow down, bitches, for reals.

Luckily, Iggy Azalea made up for the Ciara atrocity. She looks chic and put together and the red lipstick with her gold tones: win.

Iggy-Azalea-attends-the-2013-MTV-Video-Music-Awards-2222733Ariana Grande wore a fabulous dress that reminded me exactly of Carolina Herrera’s dress Lucy Liu wore to the 2013 Golden Globes. I feel like her hair washed her out a little and distracted from the dress. I wish she had it a shade or five darker and pulled it back. Ms Liu’s fishtail braid was perfect, Ms Grande’s loose curls and sharply separated bangs were not doing it for me.

173533120LL010_2013_MTV_Vid Coco Jones, on the other hand, looked flawless. The only criticism I have is I think it was a little too casual for red carpet, but that doesn’t take away from the fact I think she nailed her clothing.

173533186KR00018_2013_MTV_VSpeaking of nailing it: There were two clear winners from the entire evening for me. Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez.

Ignoring all parler pas, Taylor Swift is beautiful. She has definite style hits and crash-and-burns, but this one just screamed stunning. Well, well done.

173533186KR00215_2013_MTV_V Selena Gomez’s dress was one of my favorites because it is elegant, but the bustier cut-away allowed her to prove she’s not a little girl anymore.

173533120LL245_2013_MTV_VidAlso, when NSYNC started singing they both looked like all their elementary school dreams had come true and it made me like them both so much more.

Creativity Outburst: New York City

My husband and I just got back from a long weekend in New York City. My sister + husband live in Manhattan, which means I get to spend time living and feeling like a native, which is amazing. I could do a whole monologue about how traveling, NYC and my personality mesh perfectly, but I’ll keep it short.

The second I walked off the plane in New York I felt like I was surrounded by my people, and I raided my sister’s closet in my multiple outfit changes. Not due to uncertainty, it was simply the enjoyment of exploring new combinations alongside an entire population who does the same.

new-york-city-stripesI’ve always had a mean creative streak in my personality, though sadly I never found myself naturally artistic. Or maybe, I just haven’t yet discovered how my artistic abilities should be expressed. Anyway, I am also a very powerful personality. When my husband and I first met he immediately noted we would never work based on the strength of my handshake and I thought he was too big a dick to be worth any effort. True story.

So, obviously New York is the perfect place to stimulate my entrepreneurial spirit. Walking the the Brooklyn Bridge at night, and looking out over the city skyline was powerful. Hello, Humanity and thank you, Capitalism.

NYC-skylineComing back home has been tough, because the lazy mindset is closely united with my old routines, so the struggle has been to keep the New York inspiration going strong. How do you stay motivated in an uninspiring schedule?

Resort 2014: Alice + Olivia

I just want to start by saying I think Stacey Bendet (founder and creative-mind behind Alice + Olivia) is adorable. In fact, I think I’ll do an entire post dedicated to her. So I’ll leave my, “What a badass, girly girl!” thoughts until later.

This line was full of trendy basics and there was one really one piece that made me crinkle my nose. But we’ll get to that.


Like I said, trendy basics. The trendiness increases as we go along, but the first outfit is a great example: a very neutral, navy blue outfit. The cut of the top is very modern (and also very 80s-esque, but that’s why we love it) but pretty much anyone could throw it on and make it work with anything.

The dress is also neutral, but the pattern is like a modern-day von Trapp children curtain outfit and the length is very “now.” I think there’s something psychologically that happens with an outfit like these: for people not yet comfortable with the real-world application of high fashion, this is safe while giving you a feeling of taking a risk. Perhaps that’s why I consider it a good neutral.

I love the strappy heels. Rock the red shoes, ladies.




If we can call that dress a curtain dress, it’s fair to call this bag a carpet bag. And I love it. I’m totally on a big bag kick, and the runway gods are totally supporting me.

These shoe/bag pairings should be the covet of all womenkind.

Alice_Oliva_resort-2014-bag Alice_Oliva_resort-2014-bag2

Porcelain Doll

These dresses are incredible because you could wear them for seasons to come. The first is my favorite and the second looks like a porcelain doll. Seriously though, more people need to embrace the monochromatic outfits.

Alice_Oliva_resort-2014-doll Alice_Oliva_resort-2014-china-doll

Here’s where it gets fun!

This outfit is good for me. One, it shows how to appropriately pair two sheer, flow-y pieces Most pairings are frumpy, but this one still leaves the model looking delicate and feminine. I couldn’t pull off the hat with it, but I could do my own variation with it.

Heels, ladies. We all need to be more comfortable wearing them. (Can you tell this is a good takeaway from this line?)


Nose Crinkle

This fell flat for me, (Like, really flat.) but the second outfit I liked. How does that make any sense? First, personal style and second perspective. I really think it’s just the pairing. Let’s take a second look:

Outfit one from the waist up I love. Pair it with jeans, white cut-offs or even a mini skirt and it’d be great. Pair the pants with the white, lace top from above and it’d be adorable (hat included). But how it is? No thanks.


Outfit number two I like better because there’s something about the funky pairing that fits my personal style better. Maybe it’s the skirt (I’m a sucker for blue), but I really think it’s the sweater. I have held onto the oversized, print sweater trend like it’s going out of style. (Hint, good style is always going out. Kind of like how man-kind is always dying. Yeah, no fear at going deep here.)



Here’s where the trendy hits hard. I, personally, could not get away with the red lips dress, but if I saw someone wearing it, especially to a Valentine’s party or bridal shower, I would be completely obsessed.


Once again, here’s a fabulous lesson on turning basics into fashion-forwards. Take a second to really look at the crop top; see how the sleeves fit? I love it, and I’m not sure exactly why.


Here’s my favorite outfit. Even if you aren’t comfortable with a bustier top and harlem pants, you can try a striped tank top and high-waisted dress pants.

And I’m going to start wearing more flowers in my hair. ¡Olé!

Alice_Oliva_resort-2014My take-aways: heels, hair flowers and eyelet tops.

What did you take away from this line?

Swimwear 2014: Two Refreshing Collections

The Mara Hoffman and Dolores Cortés 2014 swimwear lines were breaths of fresh air. I felt like the others collections were just a toss-up of random suits, but my dear Mara and Dolores have pulled together beautiful lines of sophisticated pieces that flowed and made sense as a fashion collection.

Mara Hoffman

Mara had a very Eastern theme, which was accented with colorful yet subtle accessories. Everything just came together in a very fun yet refined way. Beauty.

mara hoffman swimwear 2014 2And the accessories. Shoes and bags that match so perfectly. Coveting.

mara hoffman swimwear 2014

mara hoffman swimwear 2014 3 mara hoffman swimwear 2014 5 mara hoffman swimwear 2014 1Dolores Cortés

From Mara-East we go to Dolores Island. The colors are brighter, with tropical themes. The spikey bikini top is a statement and it’s exciting. GOLD!

dolores cortes swimwear 2014 3

dolores cortes swimwear 2014 1

dolores cortes swimwear 2014 2 dolores cortes swimwear 2014

Swimwear 2014 in Miami

I flipped through all the shows from Miami’s 2014 Swimwear shows and I was underwhelmed. There were only two shows I felt like were worth spotlighting, other than that, here are my favorite pieces.

Caitlin Kelly

caitlin kelly swimwear 2014 2Maaji

maaji swimwear 2014

Agua di Lara

aqua di lara swimwear 2014Aguaclara

aguaclara swimwear 2014Caitlin Kelly (again)

caitlin kelly swimwear 2014 1L*Space by Monica Wise

l*space by monica wise swimwear 2014I feel like high fashion swimwear is tough, because there’s a limitation on what you can do with the outfit, beyond a few unique cuts and the pattern. Am I wrong on that opinion?