High Fashion: Viktor & Rolf Fall 2013 Couture

My biggest frustration with this line is the backdrop to the runway was black, causing all the pieces to drown. I think the combination of the black background and achromatic flooring was beautiful, especially once the models made their way down the runway, but it bugged me.

I wasn’t a huge fan of this collection. The pieces are a little too costume-ish for me to fantasize about owning them and the whiteface was distracting. But then I saw the last posed model:


Image source: Style.com

The lighting and her figure are stunning. Seeing this image changed my perspective on the entire show. The variation of patterns, and contradictions (soft billowing silhouettes paired with severe angles) all subtly cloaked in black, are interesting, but lost on me until I was given the chance to see a piece interact with its surroundings, as opposed to simply walking the runway.

In my mind, these pieces are wearable pieces of art and should only be worn with the above lighting.