Creativity Outburst: New York City

My husband and I just got back from a long weekend in New York City. My sister + husband live in Manhattan, which means I get to spend time living and feeling like a native, which is amazing. I could do a whole monologue about how traveling, NYC and my personality mesh perfectly, but I’ll keep it short.

The second I walked off the plane in New York I felt like I was surrounded by my people, and I raided my sister’s closet in my multiple outfit changes. Not due to uncertainty, it was simply the enjoyment of exploring new combinations alongside an entire population who does the same.

new-york-city-stripesI’ve always had a mean creative streak in my personality, though sadly I never found myself naturally artistic. Or maybe, I just haven’t yet discovered how my artistic abilities should be expressed. Anyway, I am also a very powerful personality. When my husband and I first met he immediately noted we would never work based on the strength of my handshake and I thought he was too big a dick to be worth any effort. True story.

So, obviously New York is the perfect place to stimulate my entrepreneurial spirit. Walking the the Brooklyn Bridge at night, and looking out over the city skyline was powerful. Hello, Humanity and thank you, Capitalism.

NYC-skylineComing back home has been tough, because the lazy mindset is closely united with my old routines, so the struggle has been to keep the New York inspiration going strong. How do you stay motivated in an uninspiring schedule?