Dream Holiday Party Outfit 2014

It’s that time of year: Thanksgiving has passed, which means I can officially play Christmas music and justify extraordinarily fancy outfits. One of my favorite daydreaming topics is planning superbly fantastic outfits for ridiculously fancy parties, to which I have not been invited. (Someday. I just have to get my husband through law school first, right?)

My favorite designer, for dresses that always make me swoon – and I hate using that word, so you know I’m serious right now – is Oscar de la Renta. (May we honor him always by being confident, kind, and elegant.)

Christmas Party

This year, my dream outfit would be built around this Oscar de la Renta metallic embroidered silk faille cocktail dress. The shoes are Jimmy Choo
Tartini Square Pavé Crystal & Suede Pumps. Along with vintage Valentino earrings and vintage, fox fur coat.

What’s your dream holiday party outfit?


High Fashion: Hilary

I like flipping through images of fashion shows because I find I have definite opinions about the clothing, the story they tell and whether or not I think it was a success. This probably isn’t too uncommon, but I love it because I was raised in a not-high-fashion house. My parents are modern, but not couture by any means and I’ll admit I shied away from my interest in popular culture and fashion because of a taught feeling it was ridiculous.


As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized how much my personality falls in line with the fashion world. I prefer shopping at thrift stores because they offer more variety; allowing me to mix and experiment and wear ridiculous clothes. Also, I can get more bang for my buck. It leaves me feeling unique, creative and guiltless.

This winter I won a competition with Diet Coke so they flew me to New York for their Red Dress Fashion show. While waiting in the airport to fly out I stopped to get a water and decided it was appropriate to buy a fashion magazine. I settled on Elle, then realized it was the first fashion magazine I had ever dared to buy. It’s actually a little sad; I’ve spent my entire life looking for inspiration and here were articles and images from driven, successful women who seemed to fall in line with some of my passions and interests. Why had I denied myself for so loassess my career path. Why had I denied myself for so long? 

No more. Whatever is inspirational, go for it, right?