Resort 2014: Alice + Olivia

I just want to start by saying I think Stacey Bendet (founder and creative-mind behind Alice + Olivia) is adorable. In fact, I think I’ll do an entire post dedicated to her. So I’ll leave my, “What a badass, girly girl!” thoughts until later.

This line was full of trendy basics and there was one really one piece that made me crinkle my nose. But we’ll get to that.


Like I said, trendy basics. The trendiness increases as we go along, but the first outfit is a great example: a very neutral, navy blue outfit. The cut of the top is very modern (and also very 80s-esque, but that’s why we love it) but pretty much anyone could throw it on and make it work with anything.

The dress is also neutral, but the pattern is like a modern-day von Trapp children curtain outfit and the length is very “now.” I think there’s something psychologically that happens with an outfit like these: for people not yet comfortable with the real-world application of high fashion, this is safe while giving you a feeling of taking a risk. Perhaps that’s why I consider it a good neutral.

I love the strappy heels. Rock the red shoes, ladies.




If we can call that dress a curtain dress, it’s fair to call this bag a carpet bag. And I love it. I’m totally on a big bag kick, and the runway gods are totally supporting me.

These shoe/bag pairings should be the covet of all womenkind.

Alice_Oliva_resort-2014-bag Alice_Oliva_resort-2014-bag2

Porcelain Doll

These dresses are incredible because you could wear them for seasons to come. The first is my favorite and the second looks like a porcelain doll. Seriously though, more people need to embrace the monochromatic outfits.

Alice_Oliva_resort-2014-doll Alice_Oliva_resort-2014-china-doll

Here’s where it gets fun!

This outfit is good for me. One, it shows how to appropriately pair two sheer, flow-y pieces Most pairings are frumpy, but this one still leaves the model looking delicate and feminine. I couldn’t pull off the hat with it, but I could do my own variation with it.

Heels, ladies. We all need to be more comfortable wearing them. (Can you tell this is a good takeaway from this line?)


Nose Crinkle

This fell flat for me, (Like, really flat.) but the second outfit I liked. How does that make any sense? First, personal style and second perspective. I really think it’s just the pairing. Let’s take a second look:

Outfit one from the waist up I love. Pair it with jeans, white cut-offs or even a mini skirt and it’d be great. Pair the pants with the white, lace top from above and it’d be adorable (hat included). But how it is? No thanks.


Outfit number two I like better because there’s something about the funky pairing that fits my personal style better. Maybe it’s the skirt (I’m a sucker for blue), but I really think it’s the sweater. I have held onto the oversized, print sweater trend like it’s going out of style. (Hint, good style is always going out. Kind of like how man-kind is always dying. Yeah, no fear at going deep here.)



Here’s where the trendy hits hard. I, personally, could not get away with the red lips dress, but if I saw someone wearing it, especially to a Valentine’s party or bridal shower, I would be completely obsessed.


Once again, here’s a fabulous lesson on turning basics into fashion-forwards. Take a second to really look at the crop top; see how the sleeves fit? I love it, and I’m not sure exactly why.


Here’s my favorite outfit. Even if you aren’t comfortable with a bustier top and harlem pants, you can try a striped tank top and high-waisted dress pants.

And I’m going to start wearing more flowers in my hair. ¡Olé!

Alice_Oliva_resort-2014My take-aways: heels, hair flowers and eyelet tops.

What did you take away from this line?