My Husband v. High Fashion

Fact one: I am married.

Fact two: I love man repeller clothing. (Definition here.)

Fact three: My husband is very patient with my fashion choices.

Fact four: My fashion choices are incredibly muted, in gratitude to his patience.


When the person you love, and work to make happy, watches in horror as you try on something fashionably up-there and asks if you really intend to wear it in public, how often do you shrug your shoulders and say “Too bad” and when do you say “Alright, I won’t get it.”?

It’s a balance my husband and I have been trying to find since we started dating. I have a quirky sense of style, and enough self confidence to wear the ultimate man repellers, but he hates it. I’m still working on maintaining that fine line of self-expression and selflessness.

Anyone have any suggestions?