MTV’s Video Music Awards 2013: The Ladies

I’m a fan of black gowns at red-carpet events and I wasn’t disappointed. Jennifer Hudson’s leather and hounds-tooth dress was stellar. It’s also one of the best appearances of a choker.

2013-vma-jennifer-hudsonLady Gaga’s dress was surprisingly demure but I thought it was flattering, though slightly Morticia Addams-esque. It does makes me want to start doing giant kimono-style bows around my dresses.

173533133AP00041_2013_MTV_VOkay, Naya Rivera’s dress was boring. She looked great, but it was so one-dimensional. She needed a clutch or earrings or a better lipstick or something. Whatever, I’m bored again.

173533186KR00239_2013_MTV_VHere’s how you keep a simple outfit from being boring (take notes, Naya). Allison Williams looked like a dream in white. Her makeup was fresh and dynamic, the details (earrings, the textured sheer, the details on her cuffs) add depth and her hair is polished and out of the way. It’s all glorious and fun to look at.

173533186KR00224_2013_MTV_VI wish I could do the short-dress trend, but it just isn’t meant to be for me.

Remember that Alexandre Vauthier dress I liked but thought was a misfit in the 2013 couture collection? Well, Erin Wasson rocked that bitch. It was flawless, from the braid and turban (I wasn’t sold on the turban trend before this) to the minimal makeup and the strappy heels; I feel like she stopped by the VMAs on her way to the runway.

Erin-Wasson-attends-the-2013-MTV-Video-Music-Awards-2222743Strategically worn sheer dresses are almost a requirement at award shows. Sadly, that means we are forced to see dresses like Ciara’s. Seriously, that thing is heinous.

164960831JN00040_2013_MTV_VThe shape of the detailing, the frills and the messy hair make this more like a skeleton mummy Halloween costume. And the detailing that extends down the fingers? Let’s leave gaudy gloves to Beyonce. Bow down, bitches, for reals.

Luckily, Iggy Azalea made up for the Ciara atrocity. She looks chic and put together and the red lipstick with her gold tones: win.

Iggy-Azalea-attends-the-2013-MTV-Video-Music-Awards-2222733Ariana Grande wore a fabulous dress that reminded me exactly of Carolina Herrera’s dress Lucy Liu wore to the 2013 Golden Globes. I feel like her hair washed her out a little and distracted from the dress. I wish she had it a shade or five darker and pulled it back. Ms Liu’s fishtail braid was perfect, Ms Grande’s loose curls and sharply separated bangs were not doing it for me.

173533120LL010_2013_MTV_Vid Coco Jones, on the other hand, looked flawless. The only criticism I have is I think it was a little too casual for red carpet, but that doesn’t take away from the fact I think she nailed her clothing.

173533186KR00018_2013_MTV_VSpeaking of nailing it: There were two clear winners from the entire evening for me. Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez.

Ignoring all parler pas, Taylor Swift is beautiful. She has definite style hits and crash-and-burns, but this one just screamed stunning. Well, well done.

173533186KR00215_2013_MTV_V Selena Gomez’s dress was one of my favorites because it is elegant, but the bustier cut-away allowed her to prove she’s not a little girl anymore.

173533120LL245_2013_MTV_VidAlso, when NSYNC started singing they both looked like all their elementary school dreams had come true and it made me like them both so much more.