MTV’s Video Music Awards 2013: The Gentlemen

I don’t know if it’s the perfectly matching suits, the secret-agent space helmets or the sparkly shoes, but Daft Punk made me swoon. Yes, seriously. I want to have this picture blown up and framed.

2013-vma-daft-punkAlso, I am obsessed with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis; they should always be together in pictures, I love their faces. I think it’s because they both look polished yet they are so strongly tied to the roots that made them famous. Keep it up, men.

2013-vma-macklemore-ryan-lewisI wish Macklemore’s fiance was on the red carpet. I think she’s simply adorable.

I’m surprised how much I like 2 Chainz outfit. I think it’s because the pants reminded me of these Cavalli pants I’ve been obsessed with for far too long, but it was a win for me.

2013-vma-2-chainzAnd then that one time Justin Timberlake made me pee my pants. Thank you, JT, for being amazing.