MTV’s Video Music Awards 2013

I like red carpet events like the VMAs because you get to see fun twists on red-carpet fashion. There’s a level of relaxation that allows people to really be themselves, for good or bad.

For example: Katy Perry and Richard Simmons. Is this not the greatest thing ever? Even though I wasn’t in love with her dress, I thought it worked for her. And Richard is fabulous. Always.

Richard-Simmons-and-Katy-Perry-attend-the-2013-MTV-Video-Music-Awards-2222746I’m just going to say it and get it over with: Miley Cyrus needs to stop. Especially that tongue thing. Was her performance enough proof it’s time to have a child-star-growing-up intervention?

Moving on to more beautiful and worth-while things.

I would like to take a moment to publicly declare my obsession with Ellie Goulding. Only she could rock a studded dress so flawlessly. I genuinely think she’s never looked better.


Can we be best friends?