Swimwear 2014: Two Refreshing Collections

The Mara Hoffman and Dolores Cortés 2014 swimwear lines were breaths of fresh air. I felt like the others collections were just a toss-up of random suits, but my dear Mara and Dolores have pulled together beautiful lines of sophisticated pieces that flowed and made sense as a fashion collection.

Mara Hoffman

Mara had a very Eastern theme, which was accented with colorful yet subtle accessories. Everything just came together in a very fun yet refined way. Beauty.

mara hoffman swimwear 2014 2And the accessories. Shoes and bags that match so perfectly. Coveting.

mara hoffman swimwear 2014

mara hoffman swimwear 2014 3 mara hoffman swimwear 2014 5 mara hoffman swimwear 2014 1Dolores Cortés

From Mara-East we go to Dolores Island. The colors are brighter, with tropical themes. The spikey bikini top is a statement and it’s exciting. GOLD!

dolores cortes swimwear 2014 3

dolores cortes swimwear 2014 1

dolores cortes swimwear 2014 2 dolores cortes swimwear 2014