Swimwear 2014: Two Refreshing Collections

The Mara Hoffman and Dolores Cortés 2014 swimwear lines were breaths of fresh air. I felt like the others collections were just a toss-up of random suits, but my dear Mara and Dolores have pulled together beautiful lines of sophisticated pieces that flowed and made sense as a fashion collection.

Mara Hoffman

Mara had a very Eastern theme, which was accented with colorful yet subtle accessories. Everything just came together in a very fun yet refined way. Beauty.

mara hoffman swimwear 2014 2And the accessories. Shoes and bags that match so perfectly. Coveting.

mara hoffman swimwear 2014

mara hoffman swimwear 2014 3 mara hoffman swimwear 2014 5 mara hoffman swimwear 2014 1Dolores Cortés

From Mara-East we go to Dolores Island. The colors are brighter, with tropical themes. The spikey bikini top is a statement and it’s exciting. GOLD!

dolores cortes swimwear 2014 3

dolores cortes swimwear 2014 1

dolores cortes swimwear 2014 2 dolores cortes swimwear 2014


Swimwear 2014 in Miami

I flipped through all the shows from Miami’s 2014 Swimwear shows and I was underwhelmed. There were only two shows I felt like were worth spotlighting, other than that, here are my favorite pieces.

Caitlin Kelly

caitlin kelly swimwear 2014 2Maaji

maaji swimwear 2014

Agua di Lara

aqua di lara swimwear 2014Aguaclara

aguaclara swimwear 2014Caitlin Kelly (again)

caitlin kelly swimwear 2014 1L*Space by Monica Wise

l*space by monica wise swimwear 2014I feel like high fashion swimwear is tough, because there’s a limitation on what you can do with the outfit, beyond a few unique cuts and the pattern. Am I wrong on that opinion?